Q: Are your services guaranteed

A:  All repairs include 60 day break fix guarantee.

Q:Do you supply new and replacement parts and equipment?

A: Our technicians are prepared with the necessary hardware and software diagnostic tools, parts, and products to successfully repair your computers and to setup and install new hardware and software.

We typically carry: memory, hard drives, power supplies, new computers, cd/dvd burners, software and networking equipment so you don’t have to go run out and buy anything. If we do not have the part you require, we will gladly special order it for you and come back to install it as soon as the part arrives

Q:What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Cash or credit at the end of the appointment.

Q: How can I be sure you will get us back up and running quickly?

A:Some disasters are unavoidable. The preventative measures we provide can minimize the impact. We can’t protect you from a virus that hasn’t been created yet BUT we set up backup systems that are automated and automatic. This allows us to quickly get your system restored so you can get back to business typically the same day. Unbelievable as it sounds, most backup systems that are installed aren’t working or will make it virtually impossible to restore your programs and data. We fix that.